Framework to Address Abuse

Friends and Colleagues,

Yesterday, in close partnership with other leading registries and registrars, Donuts and published a “Framework to Address Abuse” at CircleID.  Donuts and are proud to have worked with like-minded industry players to submit this foundational document, which promotes the safety and security of the Domain Name System (DNS) and advances the cause of combating abuse.  We believe we have an important and complex role as stewards of this global public resource and encourage you to read the Framework.      

The DNS exists to foster a healthy, functional and trustworthy Internet, but it is not immune to abuse. The Framework is a groundbreaking collaborative effort to tackle DNS abuses including malware, phishing, pharming, spam, and botnets and also to help disrupt the illegal distribution of child sexual abuse materials, illegal distribution of opioids, human trafficking, and material with specific, credible incitements to violence. 

While meaningful, the Framework should not limit what each of us can do to combat DNS abuse.  Notably, Donuts,, and many others have long held practices that exceed the Framework’s standards.  Stay tuned for more about the Framework and other related initiatives we’ll share publicly in the near future. We invite you to join us to improve the safety and security of the DNS, and therefore the Internet, for everyone.   

Best regards,


Akram Atallah

CEO, Donuts Inc.

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