Hexonet Cruise – Terrific Success!

Donuts sends a big thank-you to Marie Lanyon and the Hexonet team for putting on a fantastic event on August 23rd in Vancouver, BC. The cruise was terrific, and so were the guests. More than 150 people attended and it was heartening to see so many new faces in this crowd.

Hexonet has done an excellent job reaching out to agencies and educating them about the merits of Hexonet’s offering, as well as the exciting new happenings in new domains. Their outreach was evident in the guest list.

In addition to a lively panel discussion, our colleague Mariah Reilly had many terrific conversations with agency digital marketers and advertisers.

Donuts is proud to be a sponsor of this event and we look forward to more of these enjoyable, valuable get-togethers in the future.

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