Maximize Paid Placement ROI with Placement+

We’re excited to offer Placement+ to all registrars, resellers, web builders and other channel partners. Our latest innovation delivers a dramatically improved search experience for your customers that drives incremental Donuts domain registrations, resulting in more total registrations at a higher profit margin, and significantly more recurring revenue.
While the traditional paid search model delivers the same static TLD for all registrant domain name searches, Placement+ dynamically delivers relevant and “exact-match” search results to both the left and right of the dot. This creates search results that are more specific and relevant to the user’s search.

How does Placement+ drive more revenue?

Traditional sponsored placements are paid placements negotiated between the registry and registrar, placing individual TLDs in priority ranking slots within registrar search results. However, because the same static result is delivered regardless of the search keywords, they’re not relevant for the vast majority of registrants. 

In the example above, a .network TLD doesn’t make sense for a pastry cafe, and the owner is less likely to register that URL. 

They’re also suboptimal for registrars because static placements often offer deeply discounted domains, which compromise short-term revenue, repel quality customers, and reduce the number of high lifetime value (LTV) registrations and long-term revenue. 

Placement+ market testing resulted in significant registration and revenue lift, which exceeded registrar expectations. The results indicate in-period Unit and ARPD lift, which in turn improve long term business performance*: 

*Testing period April 1-30, 2020

Explore the interactive demo to compare dynamic versus static results:

More relevant search results are a better experience for customers seeking the perfect URL. For registrars and resellers, replacing static placements with Placement+ is a simple way to boost revenue and improve ROI. And it’s easy to implement thanks to the single-call API.

To learn more about Placement+, contact your account manager or email

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