.Place – Say Goodbye to Additional Registration Requirements

Great news! After careful consideration, Donuts will remove the additional requirements needed to register .place domain names. Effective June 1, 2020, registrars can sell the .place top-level domain without requiring any extra steps or sending users to a third party to activate their domain. 

As a reminder, .place added registration requirements in 2018 when Donuts entered an innovative partnership with GeoNetwork to introduce geo-fencing capabilities using domain names. Since that time, we have received a steady stream of requests to bring .place back for general registration from end users. Organic demand for .place domains, an attractive registration cost of $10, and high renewal and usage rates among existing registrations convinced Donuts to make this decision, which creates a big opportunity for registrars, entrepreneurs and domain investors alike. “Place” is widely used across industries by businesses that specialize in real estate, travel & tourism, food and beverage service, and entities using “place” in their brand name.

The .place to be

Today, .place domains are widely used across industries by businesses that specialize in travel, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage service, social destinations, or any entities that use “place” in their brand name. 

Some examples include:

Using a .place domain shows the audience that they’re in the right place—their search is over and they’ve found the best destination. 

If you want to register a .place domain name, visit your favorite registrar or name.com.

If you are a registrar and seek additional information, contact your account manager.

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