Premium Domains: A Comparison.

Premium domains get a bad rap sometimes. You’ll pay $5 for a cup of coffee, but a domain name that costs $50? Somehow, that seems excessive.

Maybe it’s because people tend to forget that a domain name is essentially a customer’s first insight into your brand online. Or perhaps someone forgot to tell them that domain names are valuable tools that can serve a range of functions according to need. Either way, at Rightside we spent a lot of time selecting and pricing our premium inventory and pride ourselves on both the affordability and the quality.

In fact, we decided to compare some of our available premium domains to their aftermarket domain equivalents. Here is an explanation of the terms used in the categories for the comparison chart:

Domain: The aftermarket domain that is available for purchase.

Minimum Listed Price: We checked three sources of domains listing prices (, Afternic, and Sedo), and this is the lowest Buy It Now price that we found. The price and status may vary among listing platforms.

Estibot Price: The estimated value of the aftermarket domain using Estibot, a tool used frequently by domain investors.

Rightside Premium: The Rightside premium which is an exact match with the aftermarket domain.

Rightside Price: This can be the Make an Offer or the Buy It Now price. Anything with a price is available from any Registrar that sells our premium domains, and we’re always willing to negotiate the price of our premium domains.

TLD: The Top Level Domain.

Not all premium domains are priced equally.
Not all premium domains are priced equally.

Besides being significantly more affordable, the Rightside premium domains are also considerably shorter. Three or four characters might not sound like much but according to a recent study published by Dr. Thies Lindenthal—formerly of Sedo and currently a lecturer at Cambridge University—the more someone has to type, the less likely they are to go to the domain. If a company, brand, or individual is looking to buy a premium domain, they likely want the most value per dollar, and an original domain that exactly matches your brand name, industry, or keywords will give you the best chance to receive the greatest return on your valuable investment.

If you’re interested in seeing additional premium news, check out our previous blog post.

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