Standard Price Change Announcement, Takes Effect on October 1, 2019

On April 1, 2019 Donuts announced that it will be changing standard prices for the majority of its TLDs. The changes will go into effect October 1, 2019. Until that time all registered domains may be renewed for up to 10 years at their current renewal price.

Of the 241 Donuts TLDs, 16 will remain unchanged while 220 will increase in price between 6% and 9%.  The remaining 5 have been changed to align with other competing TLDs in the market, including a 35% price reduction to .GROUP.  In total, the average increase is just under 7% and will only affect standard price domains, not premiums.

Donuts will continue to regularly assess its market offerings and may occasionally adjust pricing to remain competitive while also providing exceptional value to its customers.

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