Top-Level Domains Take Pop Culture Center Stage

Hip hop artist Future worked with Brooklyn-based creative collective MSCHF to create high demand for an upcoming album with a promotion based entirely on top-level domains.

Playing off the exact match to the album name, MSCHF built the website which features 149 domains with the SLD “highoff”—most of which are Donuts TLDs. 

Only one of the domains has a leaked track from the album, “All Bad” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, leaving the audience to click each URL on their hunt for the hidden track.

The album, High Off Life, released May 15. As of May 21, reports that the album is on course to become number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Huge Reach for Donuts Top-Level Domains

The immersive landing page experience reached millions of fans through the social channels of key artists and received third party media coverage by pop culture publications including Hypebeast and Uproxx. The wide reach generated awareness of gTLD extensions for all Donuts’ vertical categories.

The landing page experience was promoted on Instagram by Future Travis Scott and YungBans promoted the landing page on Instagram to their combined 45.3M followers. Future and Lil Uzi Vert promoted it on Twitter to their combined 3M followers, drawing 28K likes and 3,300 retweets.

Pop Culture Social Proof

Future’s promotion was a collaboration with MSCHF, who recently closed 12M in investor funding. 
The iconic agency, known as “culture bandits,” boasts a cult following for their quirky, mold-breaking marketing and product releases, such as the recent and MSCHF products and campaigns have been featured in New York Times, Washington Post, BBC News, Business Insider, Vice, USA Today, NR, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Esquire, Complex, Hypebeast, Highsnobriety, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and more.

In addition to favoring gTLDs in their launches (or “drops”), MSCHF uses the non legacy .xyz and .app extensions for their web sites. 

This movement is strong social proof about the upswing in gTLD use in popular culture. It’s a trend that the domain industry, brand builders and forward-thinking businesses should be watching closely in order to stay relevant with their audiences.

To learn more about the Donuts top-level domain portfolio, visit Donuts.Domains

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