.TRAVEL Joins the Donuts Portfolio

We sat down with Bruce Jaffe, Donuts CEO, to get his perspective on the .TRAVEL acquisition.

Q: Donuts has a healthy portfolio of travel-related domains. Why acquire .TRAVEL?

A: There were several reasons for this acquisition – all supportive of our mission to be the world’s most trusted, admired and innovative domain name company. We are always on the lookout to acquire high-quality domains that augment our portfolio – as .TRAVEL certainly does. We believe it will form the centerpiece of an already high-quality group of names that includes: .CITY, .CRUISES, .FLIGHTS, .GUIDE, .HOLIDAY, .IRISH, .REISEN, .TOURS, .TOWN, .VACATIONS, .VIAJES, .VOYAGE, .CAB, .LIMO, and .TAXI.  In addition, by having a comprehensive portfolio of travel-related names, we believe we’ll be able to offer travel businesses and travel enthusiasts a range of compelling options for managing digital identity.

Q: How so? How does having .TRAVEL offer new options for end users?

A: With a really large portfolio overall, and with depth in the travel category in particular, we are in a position to provide businesses and travel enthusiasts a broad set of ways to engage with their audiences; for example, using our domains for their core websites, as redirects, and/or for online marketing and advertising. As Donuts has the largest portfolio of new TLDs, we have a lot of flexibility in how we can “package” and merchandize these names.

Q: Why is the travel category so important? Why should registrars care?

A: Travel is an enormous part of the global economy, and the travel category has already embraced the Internet. It’s large, it’s growing and the need for a differentiated online presence has never been more important. Global digital travel-related spending is expected to surpass $200 billion by 2020. We think there’s a lot of demand from individuals and businesses in the world of travel – to establish websites, create blogs, and promote their passions (and business services) online. All of this means means a burgeoning need for the services offered by our registrar partners.  

Q: What’s next? What should registrars expect from Donuts and travel?

A: We’re really excited about this announcement. Over the coming weeks and months, we will begin to share our vision, strategy and plans regarding the travel category. We have lots of exciting plans, and we’re eager to put them in motion and share with our partners.

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